• 3/1, Nabin Senapati Lane, Howrah-711101
  • +91 8820328618
  • info@shibpursristi.org


Following are some of our core objectives and vision.

  1. To Provide basic materials like food and clothes to the marginalised section of our country.
  2. Driving a socio-economic movement among the privileged section of the society for contributing towards sustainable development of those who are unprivileged.
  3. Using optimum technological resources to further bridging the gaps between extremely povertized communities and modern world, which will keep them in touch with the vast reservoir of knowledge.
  4. To build up the capacity of deprived students by providing free classes and educational material via Shikshan initiative.
  5. To Protect the environment by creating awareness in the society and make an habit among all our constituents to act accordingly.
  6. The common sharing of ideas among different NGOs and entities.
  7. Provide basic knowledge sessions among youth including our volunteers and members to grow leadership ideas among them