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Puja Clothes Drive 2015 ( PARIDHAN 2.0)

Paridhan 2.0 was an immense success for us. Throughout Kolkata we served more than 120 street kids. New set of dresses were distributed among them in four individual rounds. First round of Puja clothes drive 2015(Paridhan 2.0) was done on 4th October ,2015 near Shibpur Nabanna ,where as the 2nd round was done on 7th October, 2015 at Nandan in Kolkata . For the third and fourth round we took a car and traveled throughout the city to distribute new clothes. In our third round we roamed around south Kolkata and handed out new dresses among kids of pavement dwellers. This round took place on 19th October, 2015. North Kolkata was the place where we did our final round of project on 20th October, 2015. More than 130 set of dresses were distributed. Thanks to all our members and volunteers as we were able to raise almost Rs. 25k of donations. Also their hard work paid off as this project was a monumental success for us. Thanks to all our donors and well wishers. Especially thanks to Mr. Guruprasad Mukhopadhaya for his support and contribution in this project. Just a thought: “Smiles can’t be bought, not even with a zillion rupees. For, these smiles are even more valuable than the elixir found in heaven.”