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Clothing is one of the most important human needs. According to ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy ‘clothing is a physiological need, that is mandatory for every human being to live. The right to adequate clothing, or the right to clothing, is recognized as a human right in various international human rights instruments; this, together with the right to food and the right to housing, are parts of the right to an adequate standard of living as recognized under Article 11 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR). The right to clothing is similarly recognized under Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).There are millions of children in our country who doesn’t have access to adequate clothing. In rural areas kids doesn’t get enough clothes during winter which causes fever and cold, sometimes death. Slums are also heavily affected in winter season, and lack of warm clothes made things worst for them. ”Paridhan” means “Vastra” in Sanskrit which in english is “clothing”. We started distributing clothes among slum kids back in 2015. Back then we don’t have any kind of brand name or proper initiative, but in 2016 we decided to make a brand out of it. Thus we started the initiative under the brand name of “Paridhan”.

Rashbehari Avenue Clothes Drive

This is our second project and first clothes drive campaign. We distributed winter apparels among 80 under-privileged kids.

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Puja Clothes Drive 2015 ( PARIDHAN 2.0)

This was our first ever Puja Clothes drive. We have cherished Durga Puja with 120 street children of Howrah and Kolkata.

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Puja Cloths Drive 2016 (PARIDHAN 3.0)

This was our second Puja Clothes Drive. This time we served at Masat on 2nd October. We bring the smile on face of 200 children.

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Winter Clothes Drive 2016 (PARIDHAN 4.0)

On 11th of December 2016, we have distributed 25 blankets to the poor needy families of Udaynarayanpur Shibpur area.

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Paridhan 5.0

On 10th September,2017 we We provided new clothes to around 170 children there at Raipur East Netaji Sishu Shikshya Niketan, Birbhum.

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Paridhan 5.1

On 24th September,2017 we visited Rajnagar, Nischintapur to execute “PARIDHAN 5.1”. Around 80 children were given new clothes.

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Paridhan 6.0

This was our second winter drive. This time we went back to Heria, East Midnapore . We provided new warm jackets to the 60 children.

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