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In Bengali their is a common saying "বারো মাসে তেরো পার্বণ" which translates into “thirteen festivals in twelve months” and Durgapuja is the greatest of them all. It brings new hope new joy to the hearts of Bengalis. People buy new clothes, shoes, accessories and what not. But there are some people for whom Durgapuja is just like another day of their life. We Shibpur Sristi have always wanted to help these people,mainly the children of rural parts of our state, where buying new clothes is a form of luxury. 2017 Puja project gave us the opportunity to serve another distant area Nischintapur. On 24th September,2017 we visited Rajnagar, Nischintapur to execute our project “PARIDHAN 5.1”. Around 80 children were given new clothes. The response of the children were priceless and every moment of their happiness brought us tears of joy. 2017 Puja project was like reaching a milestone for us, because this year we were able to conduct 2 clothing drive successfully i.e., PARIDHAN 5.0 and PARIDHAN 5.1. And all of this was possible because of the constant support and encouragement of our donors and well-wishers.