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The first word a child utters is usually in his/her mother tongue. It helps in shaping the character of a child and thus it is our responsibility to preserve it. 21st February holds a very significant place in the language movement of Bangladesh and is now celebrated as 'International Mother Language Day’. On 21st February,2018 on the occasion of “International Mother Language Day” we organised a recitation and extempore competition to celebrate this special day and show respect to our mother tongue. Many students from local schools and some recitation centers participated in the competition. At the end of the ceremony, prizes and certificates were provided to the participants. This event was not like our other scheduled events and it was the first time we were doing these sort of thing. We faced many challenges but our efficient volunteers made this event a grand success. It was our way of paying tribute to our mother language and to all those brave hearts who sacrificed their lives fighting for their mother tongue.